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Another project coming to a close

If you've been following our facebook page, you've seen updates of our latest house project.  Once we get everything cleaned up and looking spiffy I will post more pics to the website.  I'll be the first to admit that the website and this blog have been under-used and one of my New Year resolutions is to change that!  Facebook is just so darn easy to post to!  This whole website stuff is still rather intimidating to me and I have a lot to learn about maintaining it still!  I was very insistent that I have a blogging portion and had visions of me sitting at the computer, coffee in hand, writing every day and becoming a famous blogger haha.  Then came along a baby, with colic, and building projects, and well, life, and those dreams kind of slipped away.  But this is my solemn vow that all things change now! 

Back to the issue at hand... this building project!  Wow, every time we do another house I get sentimentally attached and realize how much we've learned since beginning this journey and I just want to build another one to incorporate all the cool stuff we've done and seen.  This one was a little different as it was a pre-sold and the owners have been very hands-on.  Although Jay and I designed the home (he's become a whiz at SoftPlan!), they have really picked out and coordinated everything from colors to flooring.  It is much more "modern" looking than we've done in the past, but also very sharp.  Grey walls, bright white trim, really dark cabinets.  We are really proud of the usefulness of space in this home.  The main entry and garage entry are side by side, with a slight separation so it doesn't look like there are just 2 doors are just right next to each other.  Lots of storage for coats and a large pantry.  It's kind of the entry way of my dreams.  And wait til you see the garage.  The home owners wanted extra space to park their boat, so essentially one bay was extended.  Huge!!  As usual, Jay and his father hand built every piece of trim and door toppers and once again they turned out beautifully!  I've never seen such attention to detail, it amazes me every time I watch them.  They are true old-school carpenters and that's just one of the reasons why we are so proud of the quality of our work!

Here are a few pictures for now, I will get more up within a few days!  Thanks! -Jami69096909 3

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