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Over the last several months we have been working with a couple designing a custom home.  They initially had an acreage outside of town picked out and a house was designed for that area, however due to varying circumstances (to include less than ideal soil samples), they are now planning on building in Red Hills.  A new house was designed for the particular lot they chose and some initial dirt work has been completed.  I am thrilled to announce that we received the building permit a few days ago and should be breaking ground any day now!  We are really excited to see this house unfold; many hours and considerations were put in to its design and we think it will really be beautiful.  Continue to follow the progress on our newsfeed!

building a custom home in wyoming

If the process seems overwhelming and you’re not even sure of where to start, don’t feel alone. The prospect of building a home (especially a custom home) is exciting but can also be very intimidating. There are so many questions running through your head: What kind of home do I want? What kind of home can I afford? Who will build it? Where will I build it? Where do I find plans? Do I need an architect? Should I build a custom home or pick one of five plans from a builder already in an established subdivision? These are just a few items one needs to think about, and believe you me – it’s just the start.

custom home extras

With all the decisions that come with building (or remodeling) a house, it’s easy to overlook some of the more “luxury” items that can be installed.  By luxury I do not mean to imply expensive – more just items that we don’t necessarily need and can easily live without, however you find yourself saying “I wish we would have put in (fill in the blank).”  Sometimes we don’t even know these types of things exist until we are strolling through the aisles at home improvement stores or visiting a friend.  So here is a list I have compiled of those little luxuries that we don’t often think about until it’s too late.  

red hills development gillette wyoming

Are you tired of nearby neighbors and all they bring to your home environment? You know, pesky things like sounds of music late at night, overhearing conversations, slamming doors and vehicle noise? Would you like to have more parking space, a larger yard to enjoy or a little less pressure from various City ordinances? If these outline your desires, you should definitely explore Red Hills Subdivision in Gillette Wyoming!

Integrity Based • Quality Driven
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